Conserve & Save Residential Rebates

Austin Utilities, Owatonna Public Utilities, and Rochester Public Utilities have teamed up to save you money. We offer great rebates to business customers who purchase energy efficient equipment. We also offer rebates for products that save water.

CONSERVE energy for the environment and SAVE money for your company. It’s our way of TEAMING UP to save you money!

Commercial Refrigeration

An Anti-Sweat Heater Control system saves you energy and money (typically 70-90 percent on your anti-sweat heating costs) by activating the heat strips only when the formation of condensation is detected.

Compressed Air Systems

Upgrading compressed air equipment and correcting air leaks can improve compressed air capacity and decrease energy costs.  


Rebates for high efficiency commercial cooling equipment includes rooftop units, packaged terminal units and central chillers.  Clean & tune rebates also available.


Custom Rebates

Have a project in mind?  Don’t see a standard Conserve & Save rebate for it?  Check out our custom rebates or contact us to see if your project may qualify for a custom rebate.

Food Service Equipment

Food service equipment accounts for 35% of the typical restaurant’s energy expenses.  Purchase energy-efficient food service equipment to save significant money on utility bills and to receive a rebate.

Guest Room Management

Guest room management systems can improve a hotel’s bottom line when guests are not present.  

Heat Pumps

Rebates for business customers that install geothermal or air source heat pumps.


High-Efficiency HVAC Fans and Clean Water Pumps


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Upgrading commercial lighting can save energy, improve light quality and reduce maintenance costs.

Motors and Variable Speed Drives

Electric motor systems are estimated to consume more than half of all electricity used in America, and more than 70% in many industrial plants.

Natural Gas 

Our commercial natural gas rebate program encourages the purchase and use of the most energy efficient natural gas equipment.


Our Solar Rebate program makes it more affordable for you to install solar technologies on your business.  


Commercial rebates are available for high efficiency equipment to promote water conservation.