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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Announcement – July 6, 2020

As part of our commitment to keeping our customers, employees and community safe from the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), we have limited access to our building to EMPLOYEES ONLY, since March 17, 2020. 

As of July 6, 2020 we are allowing customers into our lobby by appointment only.  You may ask, why are we so slow to open our operations back up to the public?  We, of course, would very much like to get “back to normal” as soon as we can.  However, we know that the electricity, water, and natural gas we provide are indispensable to our community, so we must stay focused on preventing the spread of the coronavirus amongst our employees and within the community we serve.

It is easy to become complacent.  However, the concerning trends in the spread of coronavirus around the country remind us that it is as important as it has ever been to not let our guard down.

As we learn more about this virus, the guidance from our state and national healthcare experts continues to evolve; we now know that staying at least 6 feet apart and wearing a mask when unable to maintain the 6 foot distance saves lives. Please stay vigilant and continue to follow the guidance from the CDC on personal hygiene, social distancing, and the use of masks or face coverings.

As a reminder, we encourage our customers to use electronic payment options (SmartHub, Pay Now, Phone Interactive Voice Response system).  If you need to make a payment arrangement or discuss your account, please call us.  We can help set up a payment arrangement over the phone or answer any questions you may have.  There is a drop box located in our parking lot, as well as at Hy-Vee and Cashwise grocery Customer Service areas.  Please do NOT put cash in any of these drop boxes.  Instead, a money order can be obtained from Cashwise, HyVee, Walmart and/or Kwik Trip.  If you prefer, call our office to discuss other options.

Here are some of the measures we are continuing to take which directly impact our customers:

  • Limiting customer home visits to essential services only.  For example, carbon monoxide, smell gas, power outage, etc.
  • No penalty charges for late payments
  • Suspended disconnects, it is still important for you to call and make a payment arrangement by phone
  • Requests for service can be done online or call us for further questions

If you are not currently a SmartHub user you can sign up for SmartHub by clicking on the box above.  We are available by phone during normal business hours to answer any questions you may have; call 507-451-2480.

Our commitment to safety and providing reliable service continues to be our top priority.   In the event of an emergency, such as an outage, we will restore power as quickly as possible.  Thank you for your continued support!

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