Recycle CFL and LED Bulbs

CFL and LED bulbs are much more energy efficient than incandescent and halogen bulbs while also lasting much longer.  Unlike incandescent and halogen bulbs that can be thrown in the trash, CFL’s and LED’s should be recycled.  CFL bulbs contain mercury gas like other fluorescent bulbs.  State and Federal law requires fluorescent bulbs, including CFL’s, to be properly recycled.  Though LED bulbs do not have the same State and Federal recycling requirements, they can, and should, be recycled like you would other electronics.

To encourage residential customers to properly recycle CFL and LED bulbs, residential customers can bring their bulbs to OPU to have them recycled FREE OF CHARGE!

Other types of fluorescent bulbs (such as fluorescent tubes) can be brought to a local hardware store or The Retrofit Companies for recycling for a small fee.

For more information on recycling fluorescent bulbs, call the Steele County Recycling Hotline at 507-444-7475 or go to their website and type in “A to Z Disposal Guide” under search.

Recycling Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs