OPU’s Customer Update is mailed to Owatonna residents on a monthly basis.  See past issues below.  If you have any questions, or comments, regarding the newsletter, email our Communications Coordinator.  

January Feature:  OPU’s Involvement in Economic Development July Feature:  A Path to Affordable Clean Energy
February Feature:  New Rebate Program – EVs and Electric Lawn Mowers August  
March Feature:  Renewable Natural Gas September  
April Feature:  Call Before You Dig October  
May Feature:  Backflow Prevention November  
June Feature:  Work Zone Safety December  


January  Feature:  Energy Audits July Feature:  Water Conservation Tips
February Feature:  Ice & Snow on Meters August Feature:  Lawncare During Dry Conditions
March Feature:  Discolored Water September Feature:  Benefits of Public Power
April Feature:  MISO-Who are They-Part 1 October Feature:  Hidden Gems of Utility Careers
May Feature:  MISO-Relation with SMMPA & OPU-Part 2 November Feature:  Stay Warm this Winter – Energy Saving Tips
June Feature:  MISO – Grid Alerts vs Peak Alerts-Part 3 December Feature:  Which is more affordable:  Natural Gas or Electricity


January Feature:  Considering an Electric Vehicle? July Feature:  Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)
February Feature:  Space Heater Safety August Feature:  Ideas to Save Energy
March Feature:  Fix a Leak Week September Feature:  Why Public Power
April Feature:  Safe Digging Month October Feature:  Space Heater Considerations
May Feature:  Selecting a Solar Contractor November Feature:  Stay Warm this Winter and Save Energy
June Feature:  Power Outage Preparation December Feature:  Mutual Aid Trip to Bartow, Florida


January Feature:  Energy Efficiency Financing July Feature:  2021 Construction Projects
February Feature:  Why Public Power August Feature:  Embrace the Brown
March Feature:  National Natural Gas Utility Worker Day September Feature:  What to do in the event of a Power Outage
April Feature:  National Lineman Appreciation Day October Feature:  Generator Safety
May Feature:  Drones & Electric Lines November Feature:  Bonus Natural Gas Rebates
June Feature:  Underground Utilities December Feature:  Rooftop Solar…Read this First


January Feature:  Extension Cord Use & Safety July Feature:  Proper Tree Planting
February Feature:  Cold-Climate Air Source Heat Pumps August Feature:  Water Main Types
March Feature:  SMMPA 2.0 September Feature:  Absorption Heat Pumps
April Feature:  LED Street Lights October Feature:  Natural Gas Safety
May Feature:  Be Prepared for a Power Outage November Feature:  Rising Salt Levels in Minnesota Waters
June Feature:  Backflow Prevention December Feature:  Electric Vehicle Charging Expansion


January Feature:  Myth Busting:  Utility Style July Feature:  New Outage Management System
February Feature:  Space Heater Use, Cost & Safety August Feature:  Weather-based Irrigation Systems
March Feature:  Water Main Breaks September Feature:  Natural Gas Delivery System
April Feature:  Why Public Power October Feature:  Geographical Information System (GIS)
May Feature:  Electrical Safety November Feature:  Scam Awareness
June Feature:  Options Mentorship Program December Feature:  Space Heater Use, Cost & Safety


January Feature:  Stay Safe from Scams, Part 2 July Feature:  SMMPA’s Sustainability Report
February Feature:  Benefits of WiFi Thermostats August Feature:  SmartHub
March Feature:  Fix a Leak Week September Feature:  Local Generation
April Feature:  Backflow Prevention October Feature:  Mutual Aid
May Feature:  Water for People November Feature:  Public Power
June Feature:  Work Zone Safety December Feature:  Cyber Security


January Feature:  Electric Vehicles July Feature:  Utility Rate Structure
February Feature:  Electric Vehicles, Part 2 August Feature:  Bottled Water vs Tap Water
March Feature:  Drinking Water September Feature:  Why Natural Gas?
April Feature:  Electric Utility Industry October Feature:  Mutual Aid
May Feature:  Distracted Driving November Feature:  Minnesota Buffer Law
June Feature:  Solar December Feature:  Stay Safe from Scams, Part 1