Partnering in Energy Solutions connects you with expert resources, or Energy Solutions Partners (ESPs) to help insure your business is operating efficiently.  An ESP will:

  • Analyze your current energy usage and your future needs.
  • Propose cost-cutting changes in your energy use, as well as energy efficient upgrades to your equipment.
  • Provide payback analyses of suggested improvements
  • Assist with the purchase and/or implementation of suggested improvements
  • List and apply for all available OPU Conserve & Save rebates
  • Provide preventative maintenance for your energy systems

Financing may be available for qualifying projects.  To qualify for financing, a project must be completed by an ESP and must qualify for a Conserve & Save rebate.  This financing allows you to pay for the project on your bill over a one or two year period at 0% interest.  There is an administrative fee of $300 for financing $5,000 or less and $500 for financing over $5,000.  The maximum loan amount is $25,000.

To learn more, down these forms:

If you are interested in becoming an  Energy Solutions Partner, click here for details.