Commercial/Industrial Metering

Owatonna Public Utilities’ meters all consumption of services.  Monthly billings are mailed out within 5 working days of our staff’s reading of the meter.  Meters are read over approximately 18 working days a month.  The meters are generally read on the same working day of the month, so the billing and payment due dates remain somewhat consistent for the customer.  However, the actual day of the month may fluctuate within a few days depending on when the first working day of the month falls.

Generally the meters are located outside with the exception being the water meter being located in the basement and a remote read placed outside.

Access to Premises

Owatonna Public Utilities has the right of access to the customer’s premises at reasonable times for the purpose of installing, reading, inspecting, or repairing any meter device and other equipment used in connection with furnishing of any or all service or for the purpose of removing its property and for all other proper purposes.  Refusal to allow OPU access to equipment will result in disconnection of services.