All sewer rates are billed on behalf of the City of Owatonna.

All rates effective 01/01/2024 unless otherwise noted.  

Rate Sewer Residential Charge
SWR Monthly Service Charge (all water meter sizes) $17.50 per month***
SWR Usage Charge (based on winter average water usage **) $3.13 per CCF

** Residential Winter Average Water Usage Calculation – Yearly in February, effective for March’s billing, winter average water usage is calculated for each residential customer by averaging the customers’ billed water usage during the preceding months of December, January and February.  The resulting calculation is the charge the customer will be billed for sewer for the next 12 months.

** Residential Winter Usage Charge for New Customers:

  • Customers moving into existing service locations will be charged the winter average usage of the prior resident until a new average can be established
  • Customers moving into a new location without history to calculate a winter average water usage will be assigned default usage of 6 CCF resulting in a usage charge of $18.78 per month until an actual winter average can be established.

*** PLEASE NOTE:  For customer accounts with more than one water meter, an additional monthly service charge will be added for each additional water meter on the account.

Rate Residential Sewer Only – No Water Service Charge
SW96 Monthly Fixed Charge $39.41 per month

** – Applicable only for single-family homes with domestic sewer service but with no OPU water service.

  • Water usage cannot be metered so the default usage of 7 CCF per month is assigned.  The monthly service charge of $17.50, plus the assigned charge of $21.91 for 7 CCF, results in a total monthly charge of $39.41.

The stormwater runoff fees are billed on behalf of the City of Owatonna.

For more information, visit their webpage.

SR01 Storm Water Runoff – Single Family Dwelling  
  Monthly Fixed Charge $4.66 per Month


SR01 Town Homes, Mobile Homes & Multi-Family Dwellings  
  80% of the single family dwelling rate  
  Monthly Fixed Charge $3.73 per Month


SR02 Storm Water Runoff
  Sewer Charge Storm water charges individually set by City of Owatonna


SR99 Storm Water Runoff – No Bill
  No charges – for City of Owatonna, OPU and other accounts that have a $0 charge