As a municipal utility, OPU is a public service institution which answers to its customers rather than to shareholders. Success is measured by how much money stays within the community through lower rates, energy conservation programs, and utility services contributed to the city rather than by how much money goes out as profit to stockholders across the country and around the world.

Here are a few of the benefits that public ownership and control provide:

  • Responsiveness to customer concerns – every citizen is an owner with a direct say in policies
  • Emphasis on long-term community goals
  • Quick response from crews located in the community
  • Not-for-profit status – lower costs and no split allegiance between customers and stockholders
  • Great portion of revenues stay in community
  • Utility purchases from local establishments, including use of local financial institutions
  • Local Employment
  • Efficiency through integrated utility operations (electric, water, natural gas)
  • Local management and operations bring added community leadership for innovation and development
  • Recognized commitment to conservation, safety and the environment
  • Local control over special programs such as energy conservation
  • Local control that allows matching local resources to local needs
  • No economic bias toward high cost, capital intensive techniques or technologies
  • Primary mission of providing affordable, reliable service over maximizing profit

December 2, 2023 – Salary Notice:

Minnesota law provides that local government units, like Owatonna Public Utilities, provide notice of the positions and annual salaries of their three highest paid employees.  For Owatonna Public Utilities, those employee positions and their annual salaries are:

  • General Manager – $197,220.00
  • Director, Engineering & Operations:  $167,045.00
  • Director, Finance & Administration:  $161,737.00