Conserve and Save Business Customers

To encourage water conservation, OPU offers commercial rebates for the following high-efficiency equipment:

Equipment Efficiency Requirement Rebate
High Efficiency Toilet (HET) WATERSENSE® Label $50
Ultra Low Water Urinal – Retrofit & New Construction WATERSENSE® Label, 0.125-0.25 gallons per flush (GPF) replacing existing urinal of 1.0 GPF or greater $60
Waterless Urinal WATERSENSE® Label $100
Pre-rinse Spray Valves 1.6 GPM as tested using ASTM Standard F2324 $10 per fixture for water-only customers.  50% of installed cost for natural gas customers (See Food Service Rebates)
Clothes Washers EnergyStar® Qualified $25
Rain Barrels Minimum size equal to 40 gallons or greater $10
Rotating Sprinkler Nozzles For Spray Heads Only $3
Weather-based Irrigation Controllers WATERSENSE® Label  

Business customers may also participate in residential water rebate programs including clothes washers, rain barrels and rotating sprinkler nozzles. 

Download the Conserve & Save® Water Rebate Application here.

Download the qualifying equipment tables: