Owatonna Public Utilities offers Conserve & Save® rebates to residential customers for purchasing and installing new efficient products in your home.  For a full list of residential rebates, click here.  

For all rebates, see application for minimum efficiency requirements and complete terms and conditions.

Click on the name of the rebate to see its full form.

Electric Rebates
ENERGY STAR® Appliance Rebates Amount
Clothes Washer $25 – $90
Dehumidifier $15
Dishwasher $25 – $40
Heat Pump Clothes Dryer $20 – $50
Freezer $25
Refrigerator $25
Room Air Conditioner $25
Bonus Recycling Rebates Amount
Dehumidifier up to $15, not to exceed cost of recycling
Freezer up to $15, not to exceed cost of recycling
Refrigerator up to $15, not to exceed cost of recycling
Room Air Conditioner up to $15, not to exceed cost of recycling
ENERGY STAR® & DesignLights Certified Lighting Rebates Amount 
LED Bulb 50% of bulb or package cost, not to exceed $7 per bulb 
LED Fixture 50% of fixture cost, not to exceed $20 per fixture
Ceiling Fans with LED Lighting – Energy Star or Energy Star Most Efficient

50% of fixture cost, not to exceed $15 per fixture;  $30 per fixture Energy Star Most Efficient;  Multifamily – 50% up to $40, 50% up to $60 for ESME

Electric HVAC & Water Heating Equipment Amount
Central or Mini Split Air Conditioner Rebates starting at $100
Central Air Conditioner Clean & Tune $25
ECM Circulator Pumps $50-$600, not to exceed 50%
Furnace Fan Retrofit $50
Heat Pump – Air Source or Mini Split Rebates starting at $100
Heat Pump – Ground Source See application
Room Air Conditioners $25
Smart Thermostat See application
Heat Pump Water Heater $60-$400


Natural Gas Rebates
Furnace & Central Air Conditioner Rebates Amount
Furnace $100 – $400
Smart Thermostats $50
Furnace Fan Motors $50
Central & Mini Split Air Conditioners Rebates starting at $100
Other Natural Gas Rebates Amount
Boiler $200 – $500
Indirect-Fired Water Heater on HE Boiler $100
ECM Circulator Pumps $50-$600, not to exceed $50%
Electronic Ignition Hearth $75
Attic Insulation $200
Furnace/Boiler Clean & Tune $25
WaterSense Showerhead $25
 Natural Gas Water Heating Rebates Amount
Water Heater – Tank $125-$250
Water Heater – Instantaneous $200 – $250
Water Heater – Heat Pump $60-$400


Water Rebates
Water Rebates Amount
Clothes Washer $25 – $90
WaterSense Showerhead $25
High-Efficiency Toilet $25
Rain Barrel $10
Weather-Based Irrigation Controller $75
Renewable Rebates
Solar Rebates Amount
Solar Photovoltaic (PV) $500 (2.0 kW array or larger)
Solar Thermal $15 per sqft net aperture
Conserve & Save Residential Rebates