1. APPLICATION FOR SERVICE. All applications for service will be made on the Utility’s standard application or contract forms and will be signed by the customer and accepted by the Utility before service is supplied by the Utility. An Application or contract will be made for each location. In the event a customer moves from one location to another, an application must be made for the new location and also the customer will be held liable for all service received at the location vacated until payment in full has been made. The customer shall also be held liable for all service at the location vacated, if the customer fails to notify the Utility to discontinue the service.
  2. RATES. (a) The customer agrees to pay for service rendered in accordance with the Utility’s published rate schedule for the different classes of service. The condition under which these rates are applicable to the requirements of the particular customer are plainly set forth in the published rate schedules. (b) The Utilities Commission reserves the right to make changes in rate schedules for different classes of service as they may herein and hereafter adopt. Changes in rate schedules will not cancel these terms and conditions.
  3. MONTHLY BILLS. (a) Bills for service will be rendered monthly unless otherwise specified. The term “month” for billing purposes will mean the period between any two consecutive readings of meters by the Utility, such readings to be taken as near a practicable every thirty days. (b) Failure to receive a bill in no way exempts the customer from the provisions of these terms and conditions. (c) When the Utility is unable to read a meter after a reasonable effort, the customer will be rendered an estimated bill, and the billing adjusted when the meter is read. (d) Customer served under rates which have been both gross and net rates will be billed each month, the gross and net amount. When bills are paid on or before the due date the net bill will be collected. Net payments must be received in our office on or before the due date to avoid late payment charge. When the due date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday net payments will be accepted on the next regular working day.
  4. DEPOSIT. The Utility will have the right, at any time, to require the customer to make a reasonable deposit in advance to secure the prompt payment of the bill. Such deposits will be refunded when the depositor discontinues service or when the Utility determines a refund shall be made to a consumer. The Utilities Commission also reserves the right to make changes in these terms and conditions which they herein and may hereafter adopt. Changes in rules and regulations governing consumers deposits will not cancel these terms and conditions.
  5. METERING. (a) Meters will be furnished by the Utility and all bills will be calculated from meter readings. (b) If more than one meter per utility is installed, each meter will be billed separately. (c) Installation of Utility owned sub-meters will not be permitted. (d) If more than one household or business is served by a single meter, the proper multiple rate will apply. (e) Meters will be located at the service entrance in a clean, safe and easily accessible place free from vibration. (f) Electric and gas meters will be located outside. (g) Water meters will be located inside with a remote reader outside. (h) The location of the metering devices shall be authorized by the Utility.
  6. ELECTRIC SERVICES. (a) Electric services are owned and maintained by the Utility. A service consists of that portion of line commencing at a point with the distribution system and terminating at: (1) the customer’s weatherhead if the system is overhead; (2) The customer’s meter socket if the service is underground. (b) All installations shall meet the requirements of the National Electric Code. (c) The location of electric services shall be authorized by the Utility.
  7. WATER AND GAS SERVICES.  Water (a) The property owner owns the service lines commencing at the main and terminating at the meter. (b) Service lines shall be installed and maintained by the property owner’s plumbing contractor. (c) All installations shall meet the requirements of the State Plumbing Code and the Office of Pipeline Safety Standards. (d) The location of service lines shall be authorized by the Utility.  Gas (a) The property owner owns gas lines starting at outlet side of meter.
  8. PROTECTION OF PROPERTY. The customer will properly protect the Utilities’ property on the customers’ premises from loss or damage and will permit no one who is not an agent of the Utility to remove or tamper with the Utility’s property.
  9. ACCESS TO PREMISES. The utility will have the right of access to the customer’s premises at reasonable times for the purpose of installing, reading, inspecting or repairing any meter, devices and other equipment used in connection with furnishing of any or all service or for the purpose of removing its property and for all other proper purposes.
  10. LIABILITY. (a) The Utility shall not be liable for damage due to interruptions or disturbances in service and the customer shall hold the Utility harmless from any and all claim or liability for damage or injury to person or persons or property which may arise out of or be caused by the construction, use, or operation of that part of the line or equipment which is located on the premises and owned or leased by the customer. b) The Utility cannot render service to any customer for the operation of any devices having a detrimental effect, upon the services rendered to other customers. The Utility, however, will endeavor to cooperate with its customers when consulted concerning the intended use of any device. Where the customer’s use of electricity, water or gas is intermittent or subject to violent fluctuation, the Utility reserves the right to require the customer to furnish, at his own expense, suitable equipment to reasonably limit such intermittence or fluctuation.
  11. MOTOR INSTALLATION. (a) All motors up to and including ten horsepower are allowable with cross line starters. (b) Motors larger than five horsepower shall be three phase. (c) Motors larger than ten horsepower shall be installed only after contacting the Engineering Department at the Utility. (d) All motors shall be provided with overload and low voltage protection.
  12. DISCONTINUANCE OF SERVICE. The Utility will have the right to discontinue all of its service to the customer on due notice and to remove its property from the customer’s premises whenever bills are in arrears or in case the customer fails to comply with these terms and conditions. For customers whose service has been disconnected for non-payment, there will be a charge for reconnecting the service.
  13. ASSIGNMENT. The benefits and obligations of this agreement will begin when the Utility commences to supply service and will be binding upon the original customer, successors and assignees or administrators. In the event where the customer changes locations, due notice of new address must be given to the Utility.
  14. RENEWAL OF CONTRACT. If upon expiration of any service contract for a specified term and the service is continued by the customer, the contract (unless otherwise provided therein) will be automatically renewed for successive periods of one year each, subject to termination at the end of any year upon thirty days prior written notice by either party.
  15. AGENTS CANNOT MODIFY AGREEMENTS. No agents or dealers have the power to amend, modify, alter or waive any of these terms and conditions or to bind the Utility by making any promise or representations not contained herein.
  16. UNAUTHORIZED USE OF UTILITY METERS.  Bypassing, tampering, unauthorized connection and unauthorized metering are unlawful acts under Minnesota Statute 325E.026.  Owatonna Public Utilities will take actions related to these unlawful acts, including civil actions and recovery of damages.