A. The Automatic Payment Plan provides Owatonna Utility customers the ease and convenience of preauthorized bill payment without waiting in lines or mailing your payment/.

A. Upon completion of your registration for automatic withdrawal in SmartHub, Owatonna Utilities notifies your financial institution that you wish to have your utility bill payment drawn directly from your checking account. Each month, 6 days before your due date, Owatonna Utilities; will notify your financial institution of the amount that must be subtracted from your account. Your financial institution will then withdraw this amount on your due date.

A. There will be no charge from Owatonna Utilities. In fact, you will save money by not paying for postage if you presently mail in your payment. Please check with your individual financial institution for information regarding their processing fees.

A. This new plan differs from other preauthorized payment plans in the most financial institutions(banks, savings and loans, and credit unions) are able to offer this service to their customers.

A. On the stub portion of your statement, it will identify that you are a BANK PAID customer. The net amount will be deducted from your account on the due date shown on your statement.

A. If you feel that your bill is in error, call our office at least 7 business days before the scheduled payment date and ask that the account be reviewed for correctness. If your bill is found to be incorrect, your automatic payment amount will be adjusted accordingly.

A. The automatic payment plan works like a check in every way, except that instead of receiving a cancelled check with your monthly financial statement the paid draft will appear as a line item on your statement in the same way that automated teller transactions appear.

A. Simply, log into your SmartHub account and update your bank information.


  • Create an account in SmartHub.
  • Click on “Billing & Payments”
  • Click on “Auto Pay Program” 
  • Click on “Sign Up for Auto pay”
  • Choose bank account or credit card 
  • Fill out the appropriate information

A. After you finish registering with SmartHub and put in all your information, continue to pay your bill in the normal manner until you receive a billing statement that has the words “Automatic Payment” printed on the stub portion.  This is usually the first statement after signing up.

A. Definitely! In fact, the Budget Bill Plan and the Automatic Payment Plan compliment one another. The stability of an average bill and the convenience of Automatic Bill Payment make a nice combination.

A. No. You never pay a late charge on the Automatic Payment Plan.

A. The authority you give to charge your account will remain in effect until you cancel it in SmartHub.