AC Load Management Program

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You can help OPU hold energy costs down!

The rising cost of wholesale electricity concerns us all.  To help maintain low rates, OPU offers a cost-reduction program called Load Management.

Your interest and response can insure success!  For more information or to sign up, call OPU at 451-2480.

  • OPU will install equipment on your Central Air Conditioner to reduce the impact to OPU’s Electrical System.
  • You benefit by a lower electrical rate (5% credit on commodity & EAA) all year long.
  • There is NO COST TO YOU, the Customer.
  • Most central air conditioning units will continue to give you the comfort you are presently enjoying.
  • If you are not happy with the performance, OPU will remove the load management at NO cost! 

Keep reading for the answers to some frequently asked questions.

What is Load Management?
Load management is a practical way of reducing what OPU pays for electricity. This is done by turning some types of electrical appliances “off” for short periods in order to reduce the peak rate of use.

How does load management save money?
Load management saves money by moving some load away from any period that is likely to establish the monthly peak load. This would be done by controlling residential air-conditioners for very short periods.

When do peak loads occur?
A peak load occurs when our customers use many electrical appliances at the same time.

Do I pay for the demand charge?
Yes! All customers pay their share of demand charges as part of their electric bills. The total on your bill is your share of the demand charge plus the amount of energy used.

How can I reduce electricity cost?
As a volunteer, you can help to reduce the peak load, and resulting demand charges, by allowing OPU to turn your central air-conditioner OFF and ON (cycle) during brief peak periods.

Why cycle air-conditioners?
These power hungry appliances contribute greatly to the peak load on hot summer days. Cycling air-conditioners OFF and ON for short spells during peak demand periods is usually not noticed by the participant, but effects substantial savings by lowering the peak load.

How long will my air-conditioner be OFF?
7.5 to 11 minutes at a time.

Will my monthly power bill be reduced?
Savings to OPU from load management will help us maintain stable rates. The load management program will dramatically reduce the rate of increase in your power bill. You will receive a 5% monthly credit on electric commodity billed.

How can I participate in load management?
You can participate by joining those who volunteer for this program. by permitting OPU to place a special switch on your air-conditioner you will be allowing your utility to cycle this appliance on days when a peak load is likely.

Will it cost me anything to have this switch installed?
There will be NO CHARGE to you. The switches will be purchased by OPU and installed by qualified personnel.

What if I have another question or two?
Call the Owatonna Public Utilities office at (507)451-2480 between 8:00 – 5:00. We will see that your questions are answered.