OPU Utility Requirements for Construction

During the course of your construction project you may complete work adjacent to, or in conflict with OPU’s electric, water, and natural gas facilities. These facilities may include the meters, service lines, pipelines, cables, transformers and junction cabinets among several other items. OPU has certain requirements that you must follow to maintain these facilities in a safe, code compliant, accessible and reliable condition. We have outlined requirements that you must follow for each of the electric, water, and natural gas facilities. It is the customer’s responsibility to adhere to these baseline requirements. If it is found that any of these requirements have been by-passed, it will be the customer’s responsibility, and cost, to correct the situation.  Failure to follow these requirements may result in a discontinuance of service for that utility.

Below are links to the requirements, as well as the OPU Building Permit sign off form. 

Please feel free to contact our Engineering Department with any questions you have regarding these requirements.

  • Josh Prokopec – Gas/Water Design Engineer – 507.446.5420
  • TJ Kalis – Electric Engineering Tech – 507.451.2480 ext. 5406
  • Ronnie Johnson – Director, Engineering – 507.446.5437